Friday, November 9, 2012

The Post I Promised

So, I left off at 4th of July in the last post. Well, our summer was just getting started! Ha!!!! We went back to the beach in July and it was PERFECT!!! Except for the little trip to the doctor we had to make...(later in the post)
We did lots of fishing! Jonah and his tiny one...
Noah and his big one!!!
And we did LOTS of s'more making!!
We got into LOTS of fights over seats on the couch. Sooooo, in this house, you fight over a seat you don't get one! So, the floor it is.....
Biscuit got a much needed haircut! (don't make fun, he was a little self-conscious)
We played in the rain...well, not really! We got trapped in Wal-Mart and it was pouring down rain!! We tried to wait it out, but all my food was thawing out, so we had to get!
Poor Papa even got soaked!
The boys would pile all the pillows on the couches and lay on them!

Now back to why we came to the doctor THE FIRST DAY AT THE BEACH! Yes, you read right. Jonah woke up with a sore throat the very first morning , so we headed straight across the street to the doctor! And, well, as you can see we got bored! (he doesn't even look sick!)
Two hours and one balloon later we finally went back to the condo!
He was feeling lots better the next morning! So we made more silly faces waiting on the elevator...

We took the boys inshore fishing one day and it was SO FUN! Look at Jonah's hair!! Haha!
Noah cheesing!
And since Daddy and Noah had straw hats somebody else had to have one. Hilarious!

Noah caught the first one, a sheepshead.

This was an old lighthouse in the Mobile Bay. It was so cute! 
Jonah and his trout. 
And Bryan and his trout.
And here's our total for the day, minus a few we couldn't keep.
Noah and his trout.
Silly Jonah
Jaden and Jonah enjoying their ice cream.
All the boys piled up enjoying the ice cream.
Jonah was doing backflips by the time summer was over!

We enjoyed watermelon..
My granddaddy's old boat. Brings back sweet memories.
All the boys had a "day in the branch".
Jacob, Noah, Jaden, and Jonah.
Tough guys!
They had a ball and we were so blessed not to get bit by a snake!!!
Look at them! Not scared of anything!
And all I wanna say is....thank goodness for Boggs!!!
We went to Wild Animal Safari one Saturday with the kids from church and Jacob and Jaden rode with us.

And yes, this is my child HOLDING A SNAKE!!!!!
This thing tried to get on the bus with us!

We got our pendant lights and recessed lights FINALLY put in the kitchen!
And I got to go back to the beach for a girls trip! Me and Winter...

Melanie, Cassie, and Winter. Dana went for a walk!
Dana, Cassie, and Melanie at dinner before they left. Winter and I stayed one more night.
And I shot skeet for the first time!
Whew! That's pretty much our summer. I will now try and get caught up on everything since we started school!! Jonah has started kindergarten and Noah is in the fourth grade!!! My how time flies!